PIE’s 2014 Demo Day

This whole experiment thing called PIE has been going for five years—constantly changing, continually experimenting and it’s been awesome to see the Portland tech community evolve alongside us. We’ve all come a long way over these past five years and the opportunities ahead are exciting. The startups in this year’s class have spent three months … Continue reading PIE’s 2014 Demo Day

[Updated] How to hire for cultural fit.

Company culture is all the rage in PDX startup land. It’s incorporated into hiring processes and strategic planning meetings. There are even full time jobs dedicated to ensuring the success of a company’s culture. When you’ve got an intimate staff size that’s in the single or double digits, every new employee makes a difference, shifts … Continue reading [Updated] How to hire for cultural fit.

PDX News Roundup

There’s a lot happening around the Portland startup community so here’s a roundup of some news and interesting reads: Congratulations to an original PIE founder Jason Glaspey for "selling out" Orchestrate’s Antony Falco wrote a  great post on Usability Testing. Join Team Shelley at the Portland Brain Tumor Walk to support Shelley Gunton’s fight against brain cancer. Cloudability outlined … Continue reading PDX News Roundup