How to engage with PIE and our community: Your guide to PIE content channels, new and old

As you may have noticed, all of this pandemic quarantine activity — or lack thereof — has caused PIE to ramp up its content creation game. It’s all part of our effort to help you feel more connected to the Portland startup community and informed about how to best build your startup, even in this time of extreme isolation and loneliness.

Being a founder is always lonely. We realize that. But these times are really compounding that loneliness.

We recognize that engaging with anything and everything we’re doing is an impossibility. But we wanted to make sure that you had the opportunity to engage with PIE and our community in ways that best met your needs. So we thought a little tutorial of sorts was in order. To ensure that you know when and where to get the content that matches your current needs.

Most engagement: PIE Crowdcast live Q&A series

If you’re looking to actively engage with other folks while learning from someone in the PIE community, then you’re going to want to check out the PIE Crowdcast. On Crowdcast, we have the opportunity to livestream our conversations with a bunch of interesting folks, sometimes 1:1, sometimes panels.

Audience members can engage with one another on chat and can submit or upvote questions they would like the guest or panel to answer. Each session takes about an hour. And they’re scheduled a few times a week. With the conversations ranging from “ask me anything” to specific topics that may be of interest to startups.

Here’s an example of a recent PIE Crowdcast with PIE alum and longtime mentor Marcelino Alvarez.

More content, less engagement: PIE YouTube channel

We’re actively working to put out more content on the PIE YouTube channel to keep you informed about what’s happening with PIE. Not only is every Crowdcast session reposted to YouTube, it’s also the place to find the pitches and stories of PIE startup from every PIE Demo Day ever.

There is no live audience for these. They’re all recorded. But you’re more than welcome to leave a comment or question if you have something with which we can help. And if you’re interested in getting an alert when we upload new content, we’d really appreciate it if you would subscribe.

As an example, here’s the recording of Marce’s PIE interview on YouTube.

Just the highlights: PIEdcast, a podcast from PIE

We realize that you’re busy. And not everyone has the time to engage in hour long events multiple times a week or to binge watch a bunch of PIE YouTube content. That’s why we’ve also started producing the PIEdcast, a podcast from PIE that features short segments with guests from the PIE community.

We’re currently releasing a couple of episodes a week. So if podcasting is a way you like to consume content, we encourage you to subscribe on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast network. And if you like what you’re hearing, we’d love to see your ratings and reviews.

Since we’re using Marce as an example, here’s his recent PIEdcast episode.

Following along quietly: PIE blog

With all of this other media flying around, we’re even more motivated to post regularly to the PIE blog. If only to help you keep track of all of this stuff. We’ll keep the content production around here down to a dull roar. But if you’re interested in reading more about what we’re doing — instead of watching and/or listening to our content — make sure to stay tuned to the main PIE blog (you’re soaking in it) or the PIE Medium publication.

Staying in the loop: PIE newsletter

Just want us to email you ever once in a while? It’s cool. We get it. Please feel free to subscribe to the PIE newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date on all things PIE. From new content to PIE startup accelerator application windows to PIE Demo Day, subscribing to our newsletter ensures you’re always in the loop.

Just keeping tabs: PIE social

If you’re just looking for a light touch or only want to tune into PIE stuff from time to time, then following us on Twitter or LinkedIn is the easiest way to keep tabs on what’s what. We tend to send stuff out a couple of times a day, every day. So there’s always interesting stuff from PIE and the world of startups to consume.

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