A new experiment: Q&A sessions with PIE mentors, founders, and community members

Like any person or company, PIE has always had a long list of things we’ve been meaning to do. Or projects we’ve been meaning to launch. But folks get busy. Priorities shift. And somehow, those things continue to remain on those lists. Undone.

Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, we find ourselves at a unique juncture. Where we have the time and energy to start working on some of those projects — coupled with the motivation of serving a community that desperately needs those projects. To bridge the social distance. And to help us feel connected with one another, despite the isolation in which we all find ourselves.

With literally everyone relegated to remaining at home in the interest of safety, we at PIE are seeking out new ways to remain connected with our community while simultaneously providing value and connection to the broader startup community.

With that in mind, we wanted to share a few projects that have moved from the to-do list to the doing list, in the hopes that you find them valuable. We’re considering the first week of this experiment a moderate success. Or at least not an utter failure.

We have hosted:

And we’ve already got some new sessions lined up like:

As always, you can stay in the loop on these sessions by following PIE on Crowdcast. Or, if you’d rather binge the episodes, subscribe to the PIE YouTube channel to get alerts when we upload the recordings. Just want the highlights? Subscribe to the PIE podcast.

We’ll continue working on these concepts and will probably come up with a few others. So feel free to follow us on social media or subscribe to the PIE newsletter for the latest news.

Stay home if you can. Wear a mask if you can’t. Wash your hands. And hang in there.

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