PIE is now more CENTRL-ly located

Six years ago, PIE began as an idea. An experiment. An experiment that was founded on the idea of helping and supporting the Portland, Oregon, startup community. Since day one—when we walked into an empty retail space at the corner of NW Davis and NW 12th on the first floor of Wieden+Kennedy’s global headquarters—we’ve tried to remain true to that founding principle.

The Portland startup community has grown and changed a great deal over the course of those years. And PIE has changed with it. Serving as coworking space, an early stage startup accelerator, and a home away from home for visiting startup and technology types from around the world.

But we still felt like we could be doing more. Like having more events. Making PIE even more accessible. Helping more startups and founders in Portland. Making more connections.

But to do that, we always felt like we needed a bit more space. And so we’ve been working for the past couple of years trying to come up with a way to pull that off. Now, we’re happy to report that we’ve figured that out.

PIE has relocated to CENTRL Office, a new coworking space in the Pearl District of Portland.

Okay. Admittedly, it’s only a block away from where we were. But it provides us with resources that allow us to get even more involved with our awesome startup community.

As part of the move, PIE gains the opportunity to collaborate with CENTRL on more programming and gatherings for the broader Portland startup community. Furthermore, it presents opportunities to make PIE’s existing resources and alums more accessible to everyone in startup community, whether they have been formally connected to PIE or not.

Local who wants to see where we sit? Startup type visiting Portland? We’d love to have you swing by. Come find us at CENTRL Office, 1355 NW Everett Street. We’re up the stairs on the westside. The friendly CENTRL folks will point you our way.

And stay tuned as we start ramping up events and activities. (HINT: We may already have one on the books.) We’ve got a little more room with which to work. And we’re looking forward to taking advantage of that—for all of us.