Breaker: The Future of Education + Design Week Portland

It is officially fall. Demo day is a mere 30 days away and school is back in session. It really is crazy how quickly time flies by when you’re having fun … accelerating a new class … err, having fun.  It’s even crazier that in May I was saying to you, dear reader, that I was “looking forward to seeing how the impact of the Breaker program continues to ripple through the educational institutions here in Portland, for both the student and the educators.” Why so crazy? Because a mere 5 months later, Project Breaker + the Construct Foundation are back in the saddle with an awesome lineup for Design Week Portland.

Unfamiliar with Design Week? Well, during October 4th-11th, Design Week Portland explores the process, craft, and practice of design across disciplines as seen through the lens of our city’s most vibrant independent programming. For more information on the talks, workshops, panels, and other happenings check out the events schedule here:

And if you’re interested in the future of education right here in Portland (because you should be), sign up for a Breaker related event here:

Oh, and one more thing.  Check out this awesome video recap from PIE’s time with Project Breaker back in May.


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