What’s it like at PIE?

Tomorrow, we’re playing kickball…Newbies vs Alums. We already know that PIE alum Tony, CEO and cofounder of Orchestrate, isn’t going to play easy on the newbies so we’re looking forward to a pretty competitive game.

In the meantime, what’s happening in the PIE space? Brilliant minds crowded around desks building some great tech. With 78 days + 2 hours left until Demo Day, there’s a perfect combination of excitement and anxiousness. Here’s what some of the founders are saying:

“We’re definitely excited to meet the other PIE classmates and mentors to start kicking around ideas to help us get to the next level with our product,” remarked BlkDot’s cofounder Megan. (Wonder if she’s just as eager to kickball as she is to kickoff her product…stay tuned.)

“By making it into PIE we changed from being one in the vast sea of startups into a hopeful that is worthy the support of an accelerator. This is big. And scary,” said Kai, cofounder of Krumplr. “Monday morning our personal support framework grew. It’s like the big bang of the Support Universe. Bottomless knowledge and endless potential relationships.”

Of course, many of the companies also bring along a few reasons to be nervous. “What will it be like, how will all the personalities mix, where will I sit at lunch?”

Eric and Anthony from Read the Docs are currently working on an open-source project, which brings interesting challenges along with it.

When asked what she was most anxious about, Julie from Nutmeg clearly has her priorities in place: “eating too much pie. it’s like drinking the Koolaid, but with pie.”

We don’t actually serve pie, so…let’s switch back to what companies are excited about:

“It’s such a great opportunity to be part of a group of startups and mentors brought together with the sole focus of growing and supporting success. I’m really excited to be included and about the potential it holds for both me and XOBXOB!” — Bob from XOBXOB

As you can tell—this is going to be a pretty rad class. Lot’s of cool people and lot’s of great personalities. Oh—lunch is here. I’m about to grab lunch with them. Until next time—

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