Entering an accelerator? Keep this in mind.

We have six new companies entering the PIE space this Monday. In anticipation of their arrival, we’ve asked a few PIE alum to chime in with their thoughts of what the most important thing to keep in mind is when entering the PIE space and working out of an accelerator. Here are their thoughts:

“PIE is there to help you, so if you need help…ask.” – Alex, Teak

It’s easy to shut down and not ask due to fear of looking like you’re failing, but at PIE, it’s important to let loose, be vulnerable, and completely trust that the management, peers, and mentors want the best for you (no matter what mess your company may currently be in). That’s when the ‘acceleration’ can truly begin.

“Don’t get frustrated by the hustle…” – Pat, Teak

“…There’s a lot of stuff going on, always. If you need to be head-down and get something done without distractions, head to the roof, or into another room. Don’t get frustrated, the hustling nature of a co-working space is one of the advantages.”

“Rely on your classmates! Get to know them. Ask them questions.” – Kat, StandIn

The nature of the co-working space lends itself well to getting to know other companies and founders. You never know what can come out of spending three months with each other.

“This is not a competition…” – Mark, Teak

“…All the people here want to see you succeed. So, build relationships and we’ll all help each other reach our dreams. Also, if anyone wants to be part of a hippy drum circle, I’d like to get one going on the roof of W+K.”

Also from Mark:

Here are the notes you missed from the W+K tour:
The Nap rooms. Free Coke machine. Flying wolf. The door in the kitchen is lying that it’s the route to the bathroom.

And actually, watch this before taking the tour:

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