Ready or Not, here I come.

We’re introducing yet another series for busy days like today titled, “Ready or Not, here I come.” It’s a chance for us to roam around the space, find someone hard at work, and interview them on the spot—an excuse to learn and share another thing or two about them and their work.

Today’s lucky interviewee:
Daniel Christopher
Senior Web Designer at Upworthy

You chose to wear a teal colored t-shirt today. What does that tell us about your mood?
It says, I’m serious, but happy. (chuckles) It’s a bright sunny color, but it’s also not over the top.

So you’re here in the corner, staring at your computer screen pretty much every day 9-to-5. I’m curious, what is it that you do? Describe your job in one word.
Optimize. I literally spend all day running tests and optimizing.

Why do you choose to stand instead of sit all day?
(chuckles, then pauses to think…) Uh, I think because I’m totally sold on all those health articles—optimizing for work—the idea of actually burning calories while I’m standing here instead of sitting like a lump.

Where’d you get this contraption? (Pointing at the standing desk adapter that he was using.)
This was made by Ergotron, it’s referenced on The Wirecutter, they have an article on the best standing desk adapters. I think it was like $400.

Was it worth it?
Yeah—I think so. (says confidently) Definitely changed everything.

What about your mat there?
Also featured on The Wirecutter actually. It’s an anti-fatigue mat. So, it helps my legs not get tired and sore standing on cement. It’s something they do a lot for dishwashers at restaurants.

How long have you been in the PIE space?
Oh man. Four years now I think. Yeah, I’ve been here for a while.

Why PIE?
PIE because I like the startup community. I’ve always been a part of startups. I’ve never actually been in the corporate world at all. So I love just seeing all the young companies come through and meeting all the people and try to weigh in. I haven’t really been involved in previous classes as much as I’m hoping to this time.

Lunch plans?
I’m going to eat some leftover pizza that I cooked on the grill, but any time I can, I go down to the food-cart pod on Alder.

Thanks—that’s it! You passed. Was that intimidating?
Wasn’t too bad. Glad to be the guinea pig.

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