Links from the Kitchen

Companies for the next PIE class will be arriving in a couple weeks, so things are beginning to ramp up. The space is being rearranged, new shirts are being printed, and the kegerator just got a tune up. Despite all prepping, we’ve still had time to share some great reads and finds in the ‘Kitchen’ on Kato. Check ’em out.

1. Product Hunt, a discovery tool for the best new mobile apps, websites, and technology products is a quick-build winner. In just under a week, they built a platform that techies look forward to visiting every single day. Here are a few takeaways from their success.

2. On our walls in the PIE space is an art piece that reads, “DONE IS BETTER THAN PERFETC.” A couple others, “GET SHIT DONE,” and, “MOVE FAST + BREAK THINGS.” Here’s an article that echoes the importance of prioritization and tips to moving along quickly as a startup.

3. Designer: “This is my new design for the contact form on your website.” Client: “I don’t like it.”
If you’re in the business of developing for clients, you know the dreaded feeling of receiving feedback like that. Here’s an interesting take on how to carry out a design conversation with clients and how to elicit feedback that is valuable.

4. This tweet.

5. And if you’re looking for a cool concept, check out this.

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