Work-out-Wednesday (W.O.W.)

The summer sun has officially arrived, and if you’ve been looking for a valid reason to leave work a little early and soak up some of that sunshine, this is it:

In the spirit of ‘healthy nerds’ and courtesy of Cloudability, a group representing various Portland startups kicked-off Work-out-Wednesday (W.O.W.) yesterday at the Washington Park amphitheater.

“It’s a new twist on meetups/drinkups,” said Allison Krug, W.O.W. leader and Cloudability’s director of nerd-wrangling (HR). “There’s no agenda, it’s FREE, open to anyone, and it’s just a chance to come workout and breathe a little deeper.”

Allison grouped the team together at the start of the workout and explained the run-down. The eight healthy nerds who attended yesterday’s inaugural workout session spent about 30 mins doing cardio and 30 mins doing yoga. I played the cheerleader/blogger role—high-fiving them as they ran past.

“I feel better than ever,” — Colby, Engineer intern with Cloudability said at the end of cardio.

Other things I heard runners proclaim as they passed:

“I feel sweaty.”

“Like a little too sweaty, like a little too ambitious.”

At a venue like Washington park, the smell of roses masks any hint of sweat anyway, so it really wasn’t a problem! It was a chance for me to meet quite a few great people, and I look forward to joining them again soon.

For anyone interested in getting healthier with a fine group of welcoming nerds, this is for you. Checkout the Facebook group, and if you happen to know anyone who has an Ice Cream truck, let ’em know. (You’ll make new friends very quickly.)

Here’s to summer!

W.O.W. group — July 9, 2014

W.O.W. group — July 9, 2014W.O.W. group — July 9, 2014 YogaW.O.W. group — July 9, 2014 Cardio

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