PIE Alum Job Board Roundup

It feels like just yesterday we were watching these folks at demo day.  Now here they are, out on their own, growing and hiring like crazy.  Makes us so proud!  Alright, enough of the sentiment, lets get down to business.  Here is a round up of PIE companies that are hiring.

Cloudability: “…building a completely new approach to managing the technology supply chain. We’re fast paced, motivated and have a lot of fun together. We’re evangelical about the cloud. Over 8000 companies use our platform to manage more than $500M of cloud spending. Our mission is to change the way companies leverage the cloud…”

Big Data Architect : https://cloudability.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=2
Dir. Tech Account Management:

More: https://cloudability.com/jobs/

Vadio: “…creating beautiful and engaging video experiences for digital media. We power online video channels across four continents and are quickly growing.”

Software Engineer – Python/Node.js: http://www.vadio.com/jobs/position/bog33W1L0r44G-eJe9fLhG

More: http://www.vadio.com/jobs

Lytics: “…makes it possible for marketers to create comprehensive customer profiles across all touchpoints (mobile, social, web) and truly target their messages to increase results and improve customer experience…”

Job Board: https://www.smartrecruiters.com/Lytics/77194082-marketing-manager

Stublisher: “…working to bridge the gap between digital and analog – ideating, designing and engineering interactive experiences. As a company, we balance both client work and internal experiments which are aimed at furthering communication around shared interests…”

Highlight: https://pdxstartups.switchboardhq.com/posts/3324-software-engineers-2

Orchestrate: “…gives developers access to multiple databases for full-text search, graph, and events queries, through a REST API.”

Job Board: http://www.jobscore.com/jobs2/orchestrate?sid=68

Other PIE companies to keep an eye on:

Urban Airshiphttp://urbanairship.com/careers#job-listings
Portland Startup Switchboard is always a good resource for job postings and other ‘asks’ and ‘offers’ within the Portland startup community.

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